Homebridge Nature Remo Multi Toggle Light (2021-present)

This plugin enables Homebridge to control toggle light through Nature Remo IR blaster.

NNabla (involvement: 2018-present)

Sony’s MPI-based high-performance deep learning framework. Responsible for distributed learning performance optimization.

GaineViz (2017)

Web-based visualization tool for Gainesville city’s open-data. Best hack award, CENTRA2 Student Hackathon.

Applying Deep Learning to Network Traffic Identification and Categorization (2016-2018)

The CAIDA Internet traffic dataset is analyzed with stacked denoising autoencoder implemented with TensorFlow. A part of the development an automatic network enhancing cycle with application-aware routing. Also a part of Creative and International Competitiveness Project (CICP2016) supported by NAIST.

Container Rebalancing (2015-2017)

A novel scheduling mechanism with a rebalancing processing working alongside a scheduling process. A Hadoop/Hive-powered data processing technique and a Python-based event-driven simulation using Google’s cluster data is performed to validate this method.

PRAGMA-ENT (involvement: 2014-2018)

Breakable international SDN testbed for PRAGMA community. Shared administration responsibility over sites at NAIST, Osaka University, University of California San Diego and University of Florida.

Overseer: Application-Aware Routing (2013-2018)

OpenFlow controller for bandwidth and latency aware routing implemented with POX. Master’s thesis.

PRAGMA Boot (2013-2014)

A program to instantiate VM in PRAGMA’s cloud. Responsible for the OpenNebula plugin written in Ruby and the storage driver architecture including the drivers for HTTP, S3 and Amazon CloudFront, all written in Python.

eCOStamp (2013-2014)

Electronics collectible stamp platform combining web service, smartphone application and 3D-printed Arduino-based hardware. Part of Creative and International Competitiveness Project (CICP2013) supported by NAIST.

Nyanlive (2013)

A complete solution for creating and maintaining video streaming platform. Responsible for streaming authentication/authorization system and the internal API implemented with Django.

ByteArk (2013)

S3-compatible SEA-based CDN. Part of the team responsible for the internal API.

Knowbita (2013)

Online lecture archive of department of computer engineering, Kasetsart University. Responsible for the internal API implemented with Django.

OBVOC (2012)

Social media monitoring platform. Responsible for the early version of social media data collection using Python.

Kpiology (2010)

Social media analytics platform. Responsible for the early version of TwitterTM data collection and analytics using Python.

Change (2010)

Web-based multiplayer game inspired by CivilizationTM written with Django and jQuery. The 3rd place in Web Contest section, National Software Contest (NSC) 2010

Justwords (2007)

Online quote repository written in PHP with Doctrine and self-developed MVC framework. Best technical award, INET Young Webmaster Camp 6.

The Zenith (2005)

Scrolling shooter game. Consolidation award in Entertainment section, National Software Contest (NSC) 2005